The TFFE releases its draft recommendations

TFFE Status Update
Members of the SFU academic community are invited to comment on the draft recommendations contained in the April 9 TFFE status update.

On April 9, the Task Force on Flexible Education (TFFE) released a status update report for discussion by TFFE members. The report contained seven draft recommendations designed to guide SFU’s response to “the growing diversity of its students and the resulting call for programs [and services] that accommodate their varied needs.” The recommendations were developed after a university-wide consultation process involving faculty members, students, administrators and staff. They build on SFU’s tradition of innovation and reflect the TFFE mantra: “Relevance is the goal, flexibility is the enabling strategy, and responsiveness is the practice.”

The recommendations are grouped into five themes that were identified by the task force:

Designing engaging and responsive programs
Recommendation 1
: Provide opportunities for community engagement or practical experiences within all SFU programs.

Fostering student agency
Recommendation 2
: Create a foundational program on lifelong learning for SFU students.

Connecting teaching with research and practice
Recommendation 3
: Use research on teaching and learning to guide effective teaching practices.
Recommendation 4: Provide better advancement opportunities for teaching-oriented instructors.

Building infrastructure and support systems for engaged teaching and learning
Recommendation 5
: Create a digital infrastructure for instructional resource development and distribution.
Recommendation 6: Create renewed spaces for student life and learning across SFU campuses.

Aligning educational services for the future
Recommendation 7
: Realign the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD), and Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) under a single operating structure.

Particular initiatives to support each recommendation are proposed in the full text of the draft report. The TFFE invites all members of the academic community to view the status update and respond to the proposed recommendations before May 15. Contact information for the task force is available from the TFFE website.