The TFFE submits its final report to the VPA

TFFE final report submitted
The final report of the Task Force on Flexible Education concludes more than a year of consultation and deliberation.

The final report of the Task Force on Flexible Education (TFFE) was submitted to the Vice-President, Academic, at the end of June.

The document outlines the role and activities of the task force, presents the findings of a community consultation and environmental scan, and showcases exemplars of flexibility at SFU. Most importantly, it contains recommendations intended to foster flexibility in teaching and learning at SFU.

The seven recommendations in the final report are slightly modified versions of those contained in the April 9 draft report and, as before, they are grouped into five themes as follows:

Designing engaging and responsive academic programs

Recommendation 1: Provide opportunities for community engagement or practical experiences within all SFU programs.

Fostering student agency

Recommendation 2: Create a foundational experience in learning for life for all SFU students.

Reinforcing connections between research, teaching and practice

Recommendation 3: Use research on teaching and learning to guide, develop and expand innovative teaching and learning practices across SFU.
Recommendation 4: Provide better advancement opportunities for teaching-oriented instructors.

Enhancing learning environments—both digital and physical

Recommendation 5: Proactively research and explore digital learning and teaching systems, and develop and implement a digital infrastructure for the creation and distribution of instructional resources across SFU campuses.
Recommendation 6: Create renewed spaces for student life and learning across SFU campuses.

Aligning educational research and service for the future

Recommendation 7: Appoint a senior administrator to guide and facilitate a strategic approach to learning and teaching across all learning units at SFU.

The full report will be reviewed by the Vice-President, Academic, before it is submitted to Senate or released more widely. However, a Summary of General Benefits of a Flexible Education Strategy for SFU from the report is available now.